Alan Hankers is a composer and pianist interested in exploring expressive sounds and unorthodox structures. His works have been performed throughout the United States and Europe by ensembles such as the Texas State Symphony Orchestra, South Carolina Philharmonic Repertory Orchestra, Calidore String Quartet, Balkan Brass Quintet, and many others. He currently serves as Composer-in-Residence for Ensemble Edge, a chamber choir (with strings) based in Aarhus, Denmark. In addition to concert music, Alan has been an active film & television composer in New York, where he freelances as a composer and assistant at various post-production studios.

As an active pianist, he frequently performs as a soloist and collaborator. Beyond the concert hall, he has toured nationally with prominent progressive rock/metal artists (listen here). Alan's performance has been described as "atmospheric" and "striking" by Outburn Magazine. He has also been featured in editions of Metal Hammer (UK) and Prog Magazine. He is currently working on a myriad of studio projects that will be announced in early 2018.

Alan graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Music in Composition from SUNY Fredonia. He is currently pursuing his PhD at Stony Brook University, where he studies composition with Margaret Schedel, Sheila Silver, Perry Goldstein, and Matthew Barnson. He also teaches undergraduate courses in music theory and composition.



Large Ensemble


Aura, 2016
Commissioned by the South Carolina Philharmonic’s Repertory Orchestra

Awake, 2015
Premiered by the Texas State Symphony Orchestra 




Coalescence, 2018
Mixed chamber choir + string quintet
Commissioned by Ensemble Edge

Greetings to the Joyful Light of the World, 2017
Mixed chamber choir + cello
Commissioned by Ensemble Edge  

From Afar, 2017
Soprano, cello, guitar and percussion
Based on a poem by Rabindranath Tagore
Written for New Music On The Point

Three Songs, 2014
Soprano and piano
Text by Rainer Maria Rilke
For Allison Deady and Jacob DeGarie 




Chronos, 2018
2 pianists and 2 percussionists
Written for the Yarn/Wire Institute

Emerging Light, 2018
Soprano saxophone and vibraphone
Commissioned by Christopher Sacco and Felix Reyes

Nocturne, 2017
Violin and harp
Written for the Talis Music Festival and Academy

Oasis, 2017
Brass quintet
Commissioned by the Anima Brass Quintet

Elsewhere 2015/16 (revised)
String quartet
Premiered by the Calidore String Quartet

Pastoral, 2016
Clarinet, cello and piano
Written for the Atlantic Music Festival Contemporary Ensemble

Fantasy, 2016
Commissioned by Duangkamon Wattanasak

Ocean Ethereal, 2013
Piano Quintet
Winner, 2013 Fredonia School of Music’s Laureate Prize

Rain, Fall, 2013
Solo piano
Winner, 2013 Music + Culture International Composer’s Competition
Winner, 2013 Fredonia School of Music’s Composition Competition
Finalist, 2014 ASCAP Morton Gould Young Composer’s Award



 Scoring/Studio work



Custom scoring, orchestration, music preparation, and music editing/consulting.

Listen to audio excerpts from my film reel, organized by genre (these tracks are not available for hire): 



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